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Possible kidnapping victim rescued in parking lot

Submitted by Det. Jerry Bell

DeQuincy Police Dept.



On Friday, Dec. 28, Officers Roy Williams and Jeremy Gatlin were dispatched to a reported fight going on at a local bank parking lot. Upon arrival they discovered that there was more involved than just a fight. Detectives Jerry Bell and Casey Whitehead were dispatched to the scene and soon discovered that there had been an apparent kidnapping involving a 21-year-old female from Orange, Texas. The female was taken to the local hospital to be checked out.

Upon interviewing the victim, she stated that she had been taken out of Orange, Texas and had attempted to escape from the vehicle in Deweyville, Texas. She stated that she had kicked the window out of the car while it was parked at the bank. Further that the two kidnappers had attempted to drag her back into the vehicle causing her to be cut and scratched.

Authorities were contacted in Texas to confirm that there was a report of someone being missing. Two persons, Gary R. Clark, 53, and Crystal Nicole Brown, 26, of Orange, Texas were arrested for Aggravated Kidnapping and Second Degree Battery.

An electronic warrant was sent to Judge David Ritchie who affixed a bond of $600,000 each on the two subjects. Clark and Brown were transported to the Calcasieu Parish Jail and booked on the Kidnapping charges. The victim was given shelter at an unknown location.

Detective Whitehead contacted the local FBI and a meeting was set for Jan. 2, to discuss if they wanted to work the case jointly with Bell and Whitehead, as the victim was transported across state lines.

Witnesses were contacted in Deweyville who confirmed that they saw the victim trying to escape from the vehicle there. One witness sent a photo of the kidnapper’s car license plate which matched the same car seized at the bank.

An eye witness at the bank gave a statement that they saw the victim hanging out of the car trying to get out.

Investigation by Bell and Whitehead continues in this matter.


On Monday, Jan. 7, the DeQuincy Police Dept. Dispatcher received an emergency call from the DeQuincy Behavioral Health Unit stating that a person had called saying that he was outside the door to shoot them. The Dispatcher sent all available units to the hospital as this was an active shooter scenario.

Upon arrival, DeQuincy Police along with Beauregard Parish Deputies, cleared the hospital grounds and searched for the alleged shooter. After a few minutes, the DeQuincy Police learned that the call was a hoax. Further that witnesses stated that the call was made by Dr. Eric Jacobs, a local doctor. After several minutes on the phone, Jacobs told them that it was him and that it was a joke.

Statements were taken from the witnesses and they all agree that they thought that the threat was real. Active shooter scenarios are taken very serious by all police agencies because they are very dangerous and life threatening. An electronic warrant charging Jacobs with Terrorizing was sent to Judge Guy Bradberry who subsequently returned it with a $100,000 bond affixed. The warrant was taken to the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office Warrants Division to be served on Jacobs.

On Tuesday, Jan. 8, Jacobs was arrested by the CPSO Warrants Division and booked into the Calcasieu Jail.

The public is advised never to call in a false threat to anywhere especially a hospital or school. Innocent people can be hurt during the police operation clearing the areas. Also in a hospital setting, it could be stressful to the patients with all the commotion involved in attempting to locate the shooter. Just don’t do it.

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