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In the News

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Four baseball fields to be named for former coaches

By Crystal Nix

The DeQuincy City Council held its monthly meeting Monday, Mar. 12.

The baseball fields at the Union Pacific Sports Complex will be dedicated to four of the founders of Dixie Youth in DeQuincy. The ceremony will be held opening day, Saturday, Mar. 24 at a time to be announced later. The fields will be named Frank Jones, A Field; Richard Quinn, B Field; Ralph Mitchell, C Field; and Glen White, D Field.

Ordinance Clarified

City council members have received complaints about persons living in camping trailers or RVs within city limits.

According to the city ordinance, the definition of a mobile home is a mobile home, house trailer, or dwelling that is mounted on a metal chassis and may be moved on existing or attachable axles or wheels. The dwelling must be at least 672 square ft., and the lot size must be 5000 sq. ft., per mobile home. There must be suitable parking for at least two automobiles, and must be 15 ft. from a public road or right-of-way, and 10 ft. away from any structure. It must be no more than 10 years old when a permit is issued. The person dwelling in the mobile home must own the land and the trailer.

According to city officials, if you are living within city limits in a recreational vehicle or camping trailer, you are in violation of the ordinance.

Other Matters

Fire Chief Johnny Copeland said he has noticed a frequency in accidents in the curve area of Hwy. 12 just south of the hospital. Copeland stated there is damage from erosion, and only one guardrail on the south side of the highway. He asked the city to contact DOTD about installing another guardrail on the opposite side of the road and repairing the drainage. He is concerned about the possibility of a tanker truck rollover.

To read the rest of this story, please see page three of the print edition of The DeQuincy News.

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