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In the News

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City Council meeting addresses various topics

By Jeffra DeViney

The DeQuincy City Council met in regular session on Monday, Sept. 10.

Council members approved the Aug. 13 regular meeting minutes; to accept bids on airport obstruction removal project; and to adopt a resolution authorizing the Mayor to pursue LAGAP grant and sign any necessary document pertaining thereto.


DeQuincy Fire Department report was submitted with Mayor Lawrence Henagan noting they had been relatively busy with 12 calls. The majority of the calls were in response to fire alarms, and to assist with ambulance service.

DeQuincy Police Department report was submitted by Chief Mike Suchanek. There were a total of 204 complaints received; issued 91 citations/violations; 35 persons booked into city jail; and collected $21,941 in bonds and fines.

Suchanek told the council his office had received a report from a local citizen that their family member had contracted West Nile disease and were presently being treated at an area hospital. He urged citizens to take action to protect themselves with precautionary measures.

Eddy Dahlquist, Street Commissioner, gave the Public Works Department report. He said they have been shorthanded but were able to patch potholes, do a couple of sewers, pick up limbs, and try to keep up with mowing, although due to much rain lately, they have been hindered.

Mayor Lawrence Henagan indicated that fencing materials have been received to start perimeter fencing project at DeQuincy Industrial Airport.

A gravity drainage project is being addressed on Yoakum Street.

To read the rest of this story, please see page three of the print edition of The DeQuincy News.

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