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In the News

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Rev. James Harris sworn in as councilman

By Crystal Nix

Rev. James Harris was sworn in as District Four City Council Member by Lynn Jones, Calcasieu Parish Clerk of Court, during the Monday, Jan. 8, DeQuincy City Council meeting. Harris is replacing Andrea Coleman whose resignation was accepted by the Council during the meeting.

Mayor Lawrence Henagan noted that December was a busy month. In one month, DeQuincy had snow, a bank robbery, an arrest, and a tornado. Mayor Henagan thanked the fire department, the police department and the city crew for a job well done.

Robbers Caught

City Savings Bank was robbed by armed gunmen on Monday, Dec. 18. Two suspects were charged and jailed by Friday of the same week. Mayor Henagan thanked the DeQuincy Police Department, Sheriff Tony Mancuso and the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Department, the FBI, and some citizens for solving the case quickly.

Fire Reports

Fire Chief Johnny Copeland commended the DeQuincy Volunteer Fire Department for their dedication and service to their city. In December, the volunteers responded to three structure fires, a car fire, a motorcycle fire, two leaf and grass fires, and tornado damage, which included trees on a home and trees and debris blocking roads.

Chief Copeland noted these men and women receive training to fight fires, but have no training to handle medical emergencies. Copeland said he is proud of the way the firefighters conduct themselves when faced with an emergency, and the dignity and respect they extend to the victims and their families.

Rate Increase

An ordinance on the new gas rates will be introduced at a public hearing on Feb. 12 at 6 p.m. at the City Hall.

For those who live inside the city limits, flat rates will be increased in $2 increments over the next two years. Rates are currently at $4.

For those who live outside city limits, flat rates will increase from $4 to $8 this year, and an additional $2 next year.

Commercial flat rates will increase from $10 to $15.

The council noted the city is still below the state average, with Centerpoint's flat rate at $14.

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