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Police Jury planning for future

The Calcasieu Parish Police Jury (CPPJ) has launched a strategic planning effort de- signed to enhance, build upon, and further inform parish gov- ernment’s role in supporting parish-wide growth and suc- cess in the coming years, CPPJ officials announced Tuesday.

The planning effort will include setting and implement- ing parish-level priorities and multi-year goals focused on citizen service, workforce en- gagement and supporting a strong quality-of-life for all who live, work and play in Cal- casieu Parish.
As part of this process, offi- cials are asking for input from parish residents and stake- holders to better understand satisfaction with services pro- vided by CPPJ departments, identify areas for improve- ment and build long-term goals the Police Jury can work toward in the coming years.

“Over the past several years, our Calcasieu Parish community has come together to address and meet the chal- lenges associated with having one of the most thriving economies in the nation,” said Judd Bares, Police Jury Presi- dent. “Through this strategic planning process, we will con- tinue to plan for the future by ensuring our parish govern- ment - including each of us who have been elected to serve on our Police Jury - is posi- tioned to inform that future with clear priorities, goals and strategies that guide us every step of the way and help make Calcasieu Parish the best place to call home.”

As an initial way to provide input into this process, offi- cials are asking citizens to complete a brief survey that includes questions about exist- ing CPPJ services and areas the Police Jury should focus on or prioritize to support a strong quality-of-life over the next several years.

Survey responses will be accepted until June 1.

The survey is accessible on- line at cppj.net/planning and in person at various CPPJ of- fices, including the Calcasieu Parish Government Building located at 1015 Pithon Street in Lake Charles and all Cal- casieu Parish Public Library branches.

In addition to completing this survey, citizens are in- vited to email other feedback or input to the CPPJ strategic planning team atstrategic- planning@cppj.net.

“The most successful organ- izations constantly look for ways to improve how they serve their customers - and in Calcasieu Parish, our cus- tomers are our citizens and businesses, as well as the hun- dreds of employees who com- prise the Calcasieu Parish team,” said Bryan Beam, CPPJ Parish Administrator. “This strategic planning effort will help us continue to im- prove upon how we serve our various customers and hold ourselves accountable to tax- payers, while building a clear understanding of the priorities that are most important to this community and organiz- ing our internal operations and future goals in support of those priorities.”

In the coming months, offi- cials will also hold “strategic planning office hours” at vari- ous locations in Calcasieu Parish in order to provide citi- zens with an opportunity to meet one-on-one with mem- bers of the CPPJ strategic planning team and share their input or feedback in person. The dates, times and locations for these office hours will be announced in the coming weeks.

In addition to broad public outreach and citizen engage- ment, the Police Jury is gath- ering feedback from CPPJ employees on topics ranging from how to provide more effi- cient and effective services to helping identify potential is- sues or opportunities for im- provement. The results of this employee feedback, when com- bined with public input, will serve as the basis for priorities to be adopted by the Police Jury and goals to be estab- lished by CPPJ administra- tion and departments in the coming months. This strategic planning process is expected to conclude by the end of 2018 with a clear vision and plan to guide parish government ef- forts over the next three to five years.

For more information about this strategic planning process, visit cppj.net/plan- ning or call the Parish Admin- istrator’s office at 337-721-3500.

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