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Deadline for 'leaves' Saturday

The Garden Club will finalize taking request for leaves Saturday, Jan. 13. The second phase of the project will include adding all leaf request received and embellishment of the live oak (trunk, branches and addition of green leaves). All businesses, churches, clubs/organizations and graduate classes wanting a leaf may contact club members. The Community Tree of Life will be complete for Railroad Days Festival.

The “Community Tree of Life” mural under the direction of the DeQuincy Garden Club, Inc., is a 501 C-3 nonprofit organization.

The following is a breakdown of leaves to support the project with your donation: $75 leaf - 10” Leaf with Name; $100 leaf - 15” Leaf with Name; $250 Leaf - 24” Leaf with Name/Logo; $500 Leaf - 36” Leaf with Name/Logo; $600-$2000 Leaf with Name/Logo.

The tree, a work in progress by Susan Clark, will be embellished with a dark green color depicting a live oak tree at completion of implementing leaves.

If you have further questions, contact the DeQuincy Garden Club committee members: Alma Brown at 786-4442; Elena DeVito at 337-515-7909; or Nelle Landry at 786-2353.

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