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-In DeQuincy and the Surrounding Area

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Chadha Medical Clinic

 Pictured above are (from left): Dr. Nandita Chadha, Dr. Jagjit S. Chadha, Kasha Adams, Marisa Marshall, Jetta Cooper, Jean Adams, Jessica Hinson, NP; LaSondra Johnson, and Josie Rainwater. Not pictured are Sherry Royer, LCSW; Vidushi Babber, M.D.; Charles Murphy, M.D., Marlene Ruebush and Phyllis Sensat, LCSW.

Chadha Medical Clinic offers adult, geriatric and children’s medicine, including gynecological services. They also offer colposcopy, minor surgery, home visits, nursing home care, weight loss program and discounted laboratory services.

Staff members Sherry Royer, LCSW and Phyllis Sensat provide counseling in cases of ADHD, autism, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger management, grief or loss, trauma and alcohol and drug abuse.

“Quality Medical Care For All Members Of Your Family”

140 West Fourth St., DeQuincy


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