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The Town Hall Museum

 Pictured, from left, are Sarah Puerta, Mark Peloquin (both Friends of CHAPS), Alma Brown, Nickie Wall, Brenda Shirley, and Rita Kuyper. The Town Hall Museum is $15,000 short of the $50,000 needed to place a metal roof over the entire building.

The DeQuincy Town Hall Museum pays tribute to hometown heroes, first responders, hard working stump haulers and business men and women of the once thriving Rotary Club. There’s a special room that features the history, pageantry and art from the community’s centennial celebration and another features relics from DeQuincy’s turpentine industry. Also on site are the offices for the Chamber of Commerce, Senator John Smith’s community liaison and Gravity Drainage.

A “Preserve DeQuincy History” (PDH) campaign and “Buy a Shingle” campaign have been established by the museum board and all donated funds will be used to make repairs and expand historical exhibits. Our immediate goal is to install a new roof covering the entire museum structure due to severe leakage especially in the back portion of the building. We will then be able to renovate the rest of the facility and develop new areas for additional artifacts.

To honor your loved ones and to create a lasting reminder of their contribution for generations to come, The DeQuincy Town Hall Museum invites you to add names to the Wall of Honor for $15 per active military person, veteran or first responder (those who protect and serve our country).

We are a 50l (c) (3) non-profit organization that is devoted to preserving DeQuincy’s history.

218 East Fourth St. • 570-4696 or 249-8751 • DeQuincy

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