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Who's Who

-In DeQuincy and the Surrounding Area

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P. R. D. & G. Alumni Association

Shown are, from left: Alice Danclar, Lynette P. Jones, Walter Payne, Jr., Verna B. Armstead, Brigitte Payne,Retha Payne, and President A V Dixon, Jr.

Our organization was formed to (1) unite our alumni in an effort to preserve the history, memories, and spirits of our minority schools in DeQuincy; (2) to promote educational excellence among students attending public schools in DeQuincy; (3) to provide charitable contributions when needed to our alumni members, DeQuincy citizens, or other charitable organizations in the community without consideration of race, color, sexual orientation, or religion. Those minority schools were Pioneer, Rosenwald, DeQuincy Colored, and Grand Avenue. The name--P. R. D. & G. Alumni Association--was born by taking the first letter of each school to create the acronym.

We partnered with the Harry L. Hooker, Sr. Foundation last year to give uniforms and school supplies to students returning to school in the Fall of 2016. We plan to continue this partnership in ensuing years. We also provided monetary donations to several alumni who were affected by the flood last year in the Baton Rouge area. The Dr. Charles E. Coney, Sr. Memorial Scholarship was born in an effort to award deserving high school graduates in DeQuincy, and other cities where an alumni or descendants may reside. One of our goals for the 2017-2018 school year is to adopt one of the DeQuincy schools. We are also contemplating creating an after school tutoring program.

Several of our members--Joseph Eaglin, Robert Frank, Seymour Pullam, Jr, and the late John Armstead--have been working tirelessly on restoring salvaged trophies won by our minority schools. We hope to see these trophies on public display again in the near future.

We challenge the citizens of DeQuincy to help make the Grand Avenue Gym and the building on back a safe, clean, and eye-pleasing haven for our children for generations to come.

Membership is opened to all former students and teachers who attended/taught in one of the minority schools, their descendants, or anyone who shares our organization's ideology We meet on the third Saturday of each month at 2 p.m. Currently, we meet in the Music Room on the Grand Avenue High School site.

Officers serve for two years, and began their tenure January 2017. Current officers are: A V Dixon, Jr., President; Vice President is vacant; Alecia P. Jones, Secretary; Verna B. Armstead, Assistant Secretary; Ethel Crawford, Treasurer; Walter L. Payne, Jr., Financial Secretary; Retha Payne, Sergeant-at-Arms.

Contact person is A V Dixon, Jr., who can be reached at (337) 437-9836.

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