City of DeQuincy

DeQuincy may not be a large city — but it is large in what it has to offer to its citizens and visitors. 

We have a secure job base — the railroads, the forest industry, and good jobs at the nearby petrochemical plants.

We are also fortunate to have a good hospital, a library, an airport with hangers and fuel services, top quality schools including primary, elementary school, middle and high schools; many churches, and an industrial airpark with a number of small industries.

Recreation-wise, DeQuincy has a multi-field baseball/softball sports complex, two walking paths, tennis courts, a skateboard park, and plenty of good fishing and hunting right on our doorsteps. 

The annual Louisiana Railroad Days Festival reminds us of the city’s heritage. Our Railroad Museum, the refurbished 1923 Kansas City Southern depot, along with a variety of vintage train cars, is the city’s jewel and is a must for tourists and railroad buffs.

And last, but not least, DeQuincy’s greatest asset is its people. DeQuincy is a community of friendly, caring folks who support each other and community activities in a big way. We know that supporting our friends in local businesses, our hospital, churches, and organizations will always pay big dividends.