Coleman-Lowery House

Coleman-Lowery House

The Coleman – Lowery House at 101 South Holly Street was built in 1915 by Mr. Edgar Taylor McCutchan and his wife, Josephine. It is architecturally significant because of its distinctive early Bungalow style and is the only example of its type in the Historic District of DeQuincy.

The home has an unusually steep hipped roof and a large front porch featuring four large square columns with brackets and banisters topped by railings. Distinctive paneling decorates the upper porch area near the roofline.

With seven rooms and only ten windows, the Coleman – Lowery House exudes warmth and coziness with its yellow painted exterior accented with green and red trim. The floors throughout the house are heart pine and the ceilings are 12′ tall. An outstanding feature of the house is a beautiful stained glass window in the living room. The home’s single fireplace also opens in the living area.

The home was acquired in 1946 by Mr. and Mrs. Seth (Lorena) Coleman. Mrs. Coleman, a longtime schoolteacher, is the occupant most associated with the house. Subsequent owners were the Paul Fishers, although they did not reside there, and Pat VanWinkle who restored much of the house and added a rear porch. The Edgar Hayeses were owners and added a period stairway to the large attic space, a carport and rear storage area. In 1997 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond (Beverly) Lowery purchased the home and have continued with the authentic restoration.

Over the many years, thanks to all who have lived there, the home is widely admired because of it beautifully landscaped yard, which makes this corner site a picture-perfect scene.