L.O.V.E. Community Mission

L.O.V.E. Community Mission is a non-profit organization organized on February 8, 2012. A Proclamation on May 16, 2015 by Mayor Lawrence Henagan, recognized the third Saturday of May as L.O.V.E. Rally/Walk Celebration. L.O.V.E. just celebrated its 6th year with a Sr. 2018 Rally. (parade, local & out of town talent, youth groups, and special guests, the Mighty Ambassadors of Shreveport) with free refreshments for all!

Our mission colors are purple and white. This mission serves the needs of our elderly and disabled with the help of our DeQuincy community, churches, businesses, volunteers, in and out of town support, and community leaders.

Our MAIN assignments are: calling seniors living alone, local transportation, yardwork, and handiwork with mission discretion.

EVENTS: Christmas partnered with the Calcasieu Council on Aging; Valentine with the Cycle Knights of Port Arthur Texas; Thanksgiving with Zeta Phi Beta Sorority LC) Senior Awareness meetings, Senior rally on the 3rd Saturday of May 2018 was held to celebrate the elderly & disabled and in memory of all deceased, photos were taken with flowered pinwheels and bubbles!! Balloons released by our parade marshals (Elaine Jackson and Wayne Brown) to honor all seniors and commemorate deceased.

Our 2016 Valentine King & Queen were Mr & Mrs John (Ann – in memory) Boyd and honored in 2017 were Mr. & Mrs. Ray (Sue) LaVergne.

Parade Marshals: 2015 – Ceola Marburgh; 2016 – Dorothy Eygabroad & Mayola Griffin (in memory); 2017- Rose Jones & Robert Gamble; 2018 – Elaine Jackson &Wayne Brown. 

We do want to inspire our youth to become active in community service organizations.

A COMMUNITY plaque is housed at city hall. There are books titled “5 Years Elderly Celebration”, “Millennium 2000 souvenir program booklet of Grand Ave Gym”, and a book titled “Love Is Serving Others” are referenced at DeQuincy Library and Lake Charles Library on 411 Pujo St.

We welcome you to volunteer your time and service to help with the elderly and disabled. God Bless.

Our partners are: Calcasieu Council on Aging, Cycle Knights of Port Arthur, Texas; and Harry L. Hooker Sr. Memorial Foundation.

Mission Volunteers include: Pastor M. L. Durgan, Advisor; Minister Trennis Ford, Minister Shannon Chachere, James Chachere, Rev. Genevia Beatty, Gwen Chapper, Darlene Hooker, Alice Danclar, Cathy Williams, Vanessa Thomas, Carrie L Baker, Heather Sonnier (Sulphur); Barbara Janice, Alfreda Green, Barbara Robinson, Barbara Matthews (Sulphur); Delvin Baker, Gerlinde Schatzle, Annie London, Theresa Stanley, Kim Rainwater, Ennis Simien, Shawn Cooper, Megan Hayes, Lexie Eggins, Jennifer Danclar, Courtney Danclar, and Karen Hatch.

We accept donations (tax deductible) throughout the year. Mission has 501c3 approval.

Mailing Address: P. O. Box 131, DeQuincy, LA 70633

*Community unity is community success! Gal. 5:13-By love serve one another.