The City of DeQuincy, LA. is serving notice to the owner as shown on the last assessment roll duly filed with the tax assessor’s office. Located at 111 BOISE ST., DeQuincy, LA. 70633. That you are in violation of City Ordinance Code #839 of Chapter 10, Article IV weeds and offensive accumulations, Section 10-56. If the work is not completed within 10 days of this notice appearing two (2) times in the DeQuincy News, then at the expense of the persons owning the premises, work will be performed by the city or contracted with private businesses, individuals, partnerships, or corporations for the cutting, destroing and removing of such weeds, grass, rush or underbrush, trash, rubbish, refuse and debris growing, or lying upon said lot or track or abutting sidewalks, banquettes or neutral grounds.
Run: June 24, July 1, 2020 (JU-7)